The Courage to talk to the Other Side

The Courage to talk to the Other Side:

Exit Strategies to overcome Violent Extremism

08.05.2009  18:0020:00
Regent´s Park Mosque, London

Women without Borders and SAVE (Sisters Against Violent Extremism) invite to:

The Courage to talk to the Other Side:
Exit Strategies to overcome Violent Extremism

Presentation of the film ”Encounter Point” and discussion
with Robi Damelin from Israel and Ali Abu Awwad from Palestine

Friday, May 8th 2009
6pm, Regent´s Park Mosque, 146 Park Road, London NW8 7RG

Robi Damelin and Ali Abu Awwad from the Parents Circle – Families Forum, Bereaved Palestinian and Israeli families for Reconciliation and Peace represent the voices of civil society, who seek to strengthen the sense of belonging in the face of a climate of fear and paranoia instead of seeking revenge.

In this highly armed climate they challenge the legitimacy of violence on both sides. They are determined to confront the enemies with constructive dialogues. They are determined to listen to them, to negotiate with them, to understand their boundless, often deadly anger, and to communicate their own despair.

Together, and with many others, Robi and Ali advocate for peace and reconciliation and stand for hope in this long-lasting conflict of their two peoples.

Robi Damelin´s son was killed by a Palestinian sniper while serving as a military reservist in Palestinian territories.

Ali Abu Awwad´s brother was shot and killed by an Israeli soldier at a checkpoint at the entrance to their village.

Encounter Point is a documentary that tells the story of an Israeli settler, a convicted Palestinian fighter, a bereaved Israeli mother and a wounded Palestinian ex-prisoner who sacrified their safety, public standing, communities and homes in order to press for a grassroots movement for peace between their two peoples.

For information and registration please contact office@women-without-borders.org.


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