vicky and edit on stage©Women in the World Summit

Women in the World Summit 2014

Every Terrorist has a Mother


From April 3-4 2014 Edit Schlaffer joined the Women of the World Summit, a spectacular event in New York´s Lincoln Theatre which was co-hosted by Tina Brown Media Live. Edit Schlaffer presented the work and the vision of SAVE – Sisters Against Violent Extremism and our pioneering Mothers School model which empowers mothers to recognize and react to early warning signs of potential radicalization.

Vicky Ibrahim joined Edit on the stage to talk about her journey from the devastating realization that her son Andrew had been radicalized to finding the confidence to speak out on her experience as a message to all mothers regardless of background.

Please watch the onstage conversation: Every Terrorist has a Mother

Edit Schlaffer and Vicky Ibrahim were invited by the article.wn.com/view/2014/04/04/Against_Extremism_Toyota_Solutions_Studio/ ">Toyota Solutions Studio to talk about their work and their vision.

To read an article in the Daily Beast, please click here: "When your son is a suicide bomber"


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