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27. August 2015

Report: Can Mothers Challenge Extremism?

Launching Women without Border/SAVE's groundbreaking report: Can Mothers Challenge Extremism?

Women without Border/SAVE announces the launch of its groundbreaking report Can Mothers Challenge Extremism? We declare, if mothers succeed to build up a first line of defense, they can be the driver for a successful bottom-up security architecture.

This research sheds light on how mothers look at the threat of radicalization to their children and how they view their role in protecting them: what they fear, whom they trust, and what they need. The findings of this study across five regions with a history and presence of violent extremism showcases for the first time the potential of mothers to safeguard their children on the homefront.

In a climate where thousands of foreign fighters are streaming to Syria, inciting fear and otherizing, we need to anchor the young generation and reclaim the two key tools used by extremist recruiters: investing time and gaining trust. The study paves the way for an inclusive security paradigm with those in the closest proximity to adolescent and young adults at-risk.

This study serves as the foundation for the Mothers School Against Extremism Model which sensitizes and trains mothers at the front lines to effectively combat the threat of violent extremism.

Please find the report here.


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