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Dear SAVE Sisters, dear friends of Women without Borders,

I am very proud of the SAVE sisters from around the world who have reacted to the Gaza crisis by expressing their opinions on the SAVE Blog and via email correspondence. SAVE’s mission is to provide a platform on which to speak and to stand up for dialogue, compromise, and peace. The SAVE Network must unite in our efforts to counter polarizing rhetoric, which breeds hatred and destruction, and replace it with constructive, community-based solutions to violent extremism.

Our SAVE Network, which is made up of women from so many ethnic, religious, and national backgrounds, must provide alternatives for conflict resolution. The challenge for us is to move forward from this tragic event and continue to envision a future in which Palestine and Israel live together in harmony. SAVE sisters offer their condolences to the families of those who lost their lives.

To read the comments of the SAVE Sisters on the Gaza Crisis, read SAVE’s Blog here:

We invite you to continue to send us your commentaries by email to, and we will post your perspectives on our blog.

With warmest regards,
Edit Schlaffer

Women without Borders / SAVE Commentary

SAVE joins the international condemnation of this violent act at sea near Gaza. We are deeply concerned by the Israeli use of force on the Peace Boats delivering humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza.

SAVE members from across the globe have been submitting their comments via our blog and we wish to strongly condemn the attack and stand with the families who have lost their loved ones.

Lily Zakiyah, SAVE activist from Indonesia, states that the "The humanity mission of SAVE is being challenged again. Like millions of other Indonesians, I am extending my empathy and support to other Palestinians and Israelis who love peace."

Asma Asfour, SAVE activist from Palestine, states that "We are all human in the SAVE context and against killing. This time the killing is committed by a government. We all are against it. We support SAVE in it’s condemnation of this act of killing in Palestine."

Arshi Hashmi, SAVE activist from Pakistan, states that "SAVE is against all kinds of violent extremism. Let's hope sanity prevails in the minds of those who are responsible for policy making in Israel."

Robi Damelin, SAVE activist from Israel, states that “Walking away does not bring solutions, it tends to make things worse. We have to keep lines of communication open, even if we do not agree. I certainly do not want to sound self-righteous and believe me no-one would be happier than me if tomorrow this cruel blockade ended as well as the occupation. Help to change this by being part of the solution.”

Memnuna Zvizdic, SAVE activist from Bosnia, states that “My thoughts are very much with Asma and Robi since their reality is really familiar to me, since my people went through the same reality, and therefore this should be a reminder to all of us to engage ourselves not only in Mothers for Change but in any other campaign which promotes peacebuilding procesess among every living human being.”

May De Silva, SAVE activist from Ireland, states that "We need to find a peaceful resolution to the suffering of the people of Palestine and insists that women worldwide have a role in peace building and should not be excluded from peace talks."

Edit Schlaffer, Executive Director of Women without Borders / SAVE, has also released the following statement: the SAVE campaign opposes all forms of Violent Extremism. SAVE believes access to relief is a HUMAN RIGHT. Peaceful protests and the right to dissent are human rights. SAVE stands for building bridges based on justice and fairness. We need to DIALOGUE. We need non-violent alternatives to express dissent and disagreements. How long can we allow failed politics to impact our personal lives? This has to STOP!

SAVE strongly believes in and is committed to upholding the principles of the SAVE Declaration:

1. I, as a woman, will use the local and global networks of women to stop the killing. 

2. I will inspire a new response to prevent terror, violence and discrimination. 

3. I will create awareness for not stigmatizing the families of the extremists/terrorists. 

4. I will support the young generation with non-violent alternatives in their search for a better life. 

5. I will engage all forms of media for spreading the message of non-violence. 

6. I will insist on peaceful resolutions to prevent escalation of conflict and violence. 

7. I will promote a global dialogue for a future without fear. 

8. I will raise my voice against all hostile states and politics that cause suffering. 

9. I recognise the urgency to create ‘SAVE’ spaces for a peaceful coexistence. 

10. I will always remember those affected by violent extremism.

Please go to our SAVE Blog and join the voices of our SAVE Sisters worldwide:


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