Mothers MOVE Panel Presentation, June 7: Last chance to register

Mothers MOVE Panel Presentation
Mothers Opposing Violent Extremism

Tomorrow: June 7, 2011

Theatersaal der Akademie der Wissenschaften
Sonnenfelsgase 19, 1010 Wien

On June 7, 2011, nine mothers affected by violent extremism will come together to share their inspiring stories of transforming grief into action, building bridges of reconciliation, and providing civil society with an emerging counter narrative.

Opening remarks will be given by Ursula Plassnik, Special Envoy of the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Member of the Austrian Parliament. Introduced by Carla Goldstein, director of the Women’s Institute at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York, each speaker pair will discuss their experiences with violent extremism in conversation with Edit Schlaffer.


Zohra Bano Iqbal from Pakistan, who persuaded her son to leave an extremist group

Dewirini Anggraeni, Peace Activist, and Hayati Eka Laksmi, who lost her husband to the Bali bombing, from Indonesia

Nadia al-Saqqaf from Yemen, Editor-in-Chief of the Yemen Times

Esther Ibanga, a Christian pastor, and Khadija Gambo Hawajah, a Muslim religious leader, from Jos, Nigeria, who work together for a solution to the conflict

Robi Damelin from Israel, whose son was killed by a Palestinian sniper, and Seham Abu Awwad from Palestine, whose brother was killed by the Israeli Defence Forces

Shaimaa AbdelFattah from Egypt, working with youth in Egypt to ensure a peaceful transition to democracy

These presentations will highlight the untapped potential of women, and especially mothers, to challenge and overcome violent extremist actions and ideologies.

This Mothers MOVE Panel Presentation will take place within the framework of the Mothers MOVE conference, held from June 6-8 in Vienna, Austria, to bring together mothers, activists, and experts from all over the world to exchange best practices and to strategize on the way forward.

Download the official invitation here, and learn more about the participants here.

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Mothers MOVE Panel Presentation

Theatersaal der Akademie der Wissenschaften, Sonnenfelsgasse 19, 1010 Wien


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