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Esther and Khadija © Frauen ohne Grenzen

Esther Ibanga and Khadija Hawaja from Nigeria

Bilqis and Rima

Dr. Bilqis Jubari and daughter Rima

India workshops April 2010 2 frauen mit perlen

Two women at the Mumbai income-generation and anti-extremism workshops

Mothers MOVE! - Campaign

SAVE empowers mothers as agents of change in the global environment of violent extremism.

SAVE's “Mothers MOVE!” (Mothers Opposing Violent Extremism) campaign provides mothers the encouragement, support and necessary tools to protect their children from the threat of violent extremism.

Our campaign takes place in Yemen, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Nigeria, the UK and Ireland. Women are strategically positioned to raise consciousness for the threat of violent extremism and to empower women to reduce the attraction of extremist ideologies. They build an ideal early warning system when their sons, daughters or husbands travel down the wrong path.

SAVE works with existing mothers' groups, and where necessary convenes new groups, who take part in an integrated income-generation and anti-extremism workshop. The sessions provide women with the opportunity to bring an economic contribution to the home and thus increase their decision-making power, while simultaneously equipping them with the rhetorical tools to promote a culture of peace.

Using manuals specially formulated by SAVE for the groups, women take part in confidence-building, presentation and speaking exercises to build their effectiveness in debate, before learning about the benefits of moderation and how to spot radical tendencies in youth.

Watch a short film of the June 2011 Mothers MOVE! Conference:


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