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14. April 2011

The women engage in the initial confidence-building exercises ©

The women engage in the initial confidence-building exercises

SAVE India Confidence and Computer Training ©

SAVE India Confidence and Computer Training, supported by Mumbai Police

SAVE computer skills training ©

SAVE computer skills training

Relatives of Mumbai Police Officers take part in the SAVE training

Relatives of Mumbai Police Officers take part in the SAVE training

Indian Women Say No To Violent Extremism!

SAVE's first integrated income-generation and anti-extremism training kicks off in Mumbai, India

On Monday, April 4, SAVE’s first integrated income-generation, empowerment and anti-extremism training kicked off in Mumbai. The participants of the unique 8-week program Indian Women Say No to Violent Extremism! are the wives, sisters, daughters, and mothers of the police officers who courageously protected lives during the 26/11 attacks.

The program is part of the Mothers for Change! campaign, and aims to empower the participants economically while also training them to become ambassadors for positive change in their families and communities. In total, 100 women will take part in the training, which provides them with the opportunity to bring income into the home and thus increase their decision-making power, while simultaneously equipping them with the rhetorical tools to promote a culture of peace.

Confidence-building activities are a central component of the training. Once women are confident enough to speak up about their concerns, experiences and ideas, they are able to strengthen civil society, and provide a voice to perspectives that would not otherwise be heard.

Additionally, these women are in a key position to influence relatives who have a bearing on security decisions. Their experiences of security-related issues, conflict and trauma can, with the correct training, make them powerful advocates for non-violence. By pooling these experiences and knowledge, the women can become the centre of a reference network that the wider Indian public can use as a basis to promote plurality, tolerance and understanding.

The workshop trains the women to recognize signs of tensions and extremism in their families and communities, and gives them the know-how and confidence to intervene at the early stages of conflict.

Parallel to the SAVE training, the women are taking part in an income-generation program that teaches them practical skills for the workplace. When women have the chance to earn money and contribute to the family income, their decision-making power within the household and influence in their communities dramatically increases. The income-generation project within the Indian Women Say No to Violent Extremism! program includes basic computer, English-speaking and accountancy training. By strengthening these skill sets, the participants greatly increase their chances of employment. SAVE India is working with an employment agency that enjoys a 70% employment success rate for graduates of their workshops.

Follow this link to download an introduction and contents page for the SAVE manual created for this training. Enquiries about and requests for SAVE trainings can be sent to office@women-without-borders.org">office@women-without-borders.org.


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