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11. Juli 2011

This is How Mothers MOVE Against Violent Extremism! - Videos

Film footage of the Mothers MOVE conference

In June 2011, 13 exceptional women came together in Vienna to share their experiences as activists and mothers in countering violent extremism. During a three-day conference that included media and leadership training, sharing of best practices and a public panel presentation, the women were able to learn from different cultural contexts and compare the similarities and differences of mothers' role in the security arena between countries.

Dewirini Anggraeni, Peace Activist and SAVE representative, Indonesia
Hayati Eka Laksmi, Widow of Bali bombing victim, Indonesia
Mossarat Qadeem, Grassroots Activist and SAVE representative, Pakistan
Farah, Teacher and mother of ex-radical, Pakistan
May De Silva, Community leader and SAVE representative, Northern Ireland
Catherine Cooke, Community Peace Activist, Northern Ireland
Maureen Fox, Community Peace Activist, Northern Ireland
Esther Ibanga, Community and Christian Faith Leader, Nigeria
Khadija Hawaja, Community and Muslim Faith Leader, Nigeria
Siham Ikhlayel, Peace Activist, Palestine
Shaimaa Abdel Fattah, Teacher, Egypt
Nadia Al-Sakkaf, Editor of the Yemen Times, Yemen
Robi Damelin, Peace Activist, Israel

Our good friends at the US-European Media Hub in Brussels captured these women's voices in a short film that captures the essence of the discussions over the three day conference. This video is dedicated to the memory of Werner Ertel, the cameraman who filmed the conference and many other Women without Borders/SAVE events. Werner was truly a brother to our cause, and he will be deeply missed.

Consultant Mehru Jaffer and film-maker Ali Hasnain also filmed the event, capturing the activists' statements about how women as mothers can combat violent extremism.


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