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16. September 2012


Women of One Fabric Workshop Teilnehmerinne  in NY, 16. Sept., 2012

Women Of One Fabric Launch and Workshop in New York

In partnership with Tuesday’s Children, SAVE—Sisters Against Violent Extremism will ran the very first Women of One Fabric workshop in Irvington, NY, as the primary stage of a global solidarity campaign for women dedicated to creating a united front against violent extremism.

Women of One Fabric uses dialogue to highlight the commonalities of loss and tragedy that result from acts of violent extremism, and will help to create understanding for the role that women must play in order to counteract the rhetoric of revenge and terror. The international workshops form the basis of a global campaign that will attract attention to the universal threat of violent extremism and the painful human aftermath of such acts.

Hosted by the Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute at the Company Headquarters in Irvington, a group of women impacted by 9/11 included pieces of a personal belonging of their loved one in the creation of beautiful sheets of hand-made paper. After it had dried, participants embellished the paper under the guidance of a local artist to depict their emotions of loss, and hope for a future without violent extremism. The workshop also presented opportunities to foster conversation, mentorship, and outreach, and subsequently the exhibit will be displayed in Atlanta, Georgia, Washington D.C., New York, and around the world.

With similar workshops in the US, Indonesia, Nigeria, Somalia, India, Pakistan and Northern Ireland, culminating in an international art exhibition, Women of One Fabric will work to create a new narrative of unity and agency instead of division and victimhood.

Women of One Fabric is part of SAVE's “Mothers MOVE!” (Mothers Opposing Violent Extremism) campaign, a global initiative to highlight, promote and create understanding for the role that mothers can play in standing up to the threat of violent extremism and creating a safer and more secure future for their children.

Click here for more details on the Women Of One Fabric campaign.

Click here for more information on Tuesday’s Children and the Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute.


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