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12. April 2011

SAVE BREAKING NEWS Campaign - Women in the Middle East Uprisings

On March 22, SAVE began a campaign to make women's voices from the protests heard

Recent protests in the Middle East have highlighted the changing role of women in traditional Muslim societies.

In Change Square in Yemen, women are protesting side by side with their male compatriots - something never before seen in this conservative country.

In Libya, the conflict has led to rape and violation of women's rights. SAVE advocates for governments to do more to convict those guilty of sexual assault.

In Bahrain, women and children are detained in unknown locations, while female activist Zainab Alkhawaja leads a hunger-strike to protest against the Bahraini government's violation of human rights.

Visit the SAVE blog, updated daily, for more news about women in the Middle East, messages from the SAVE Sisters, and information on SAVE's programs and activities:


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