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29. Juli 2015

Mothers of Foreign Fighters: Building up the European platform of Mothers who have lost their children to Syria

This film showcases the voices of three mothers whose children have been recruited to Syria. This group of women are courageously speaking out about the early warning signs of radicalization in order ...


10. Juli 2013

We Refuse to Hate

The attacks of 9/11 have changed our world. We choose International Women's Day to highlight the resilience and determination of a particular group of women, who are working on this breakthrough in ...


24. November 2012

Your Mother

Film by Sisters Against Violent Extremism

We have seen over and over again that in cases of war, insecurity, terrorism, and violence, women are often the first victims, and they tend to pay the highest price. But women are driven to protect ...


20. März 2012

SAVE Returns to Tajikistan!

In February 2012 SAVE returned to Tajikistan to identify female community leaders and bring them together through a Teamshaping workshop in partnership with the Association of Scientific and ...


24. Februar 2012

Mothers for Change! Israel & Palestine

The story of Robi Damelin and Siham Abu Awwad

SAVE Sisters Robi Damelin and Siham Abu Awwad are two mothers who reach out to one another across the divide of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and formed a strong alliance. The peace process has ...


23. Februar 2012

After the Bullet

The story of Vinita Kamte

In 2008, terrorist attacks in Mumbai left 168 people dead after a 64-hour siege. One of the victims was police officer Ashok Kamte who was shot on his way to Cama Hospital. After losing her husband, ...


01. Februar 2012

Nigerian Women Stand Up to Violent Extremism

A message from SAVE sisters Esther Ibanga and Khadija Hawaja

Nigeria has entered the year 2012 with a worrying state of emergency as violent extremism is on the rise. SAVE Sisters Esther Ibanga and Khadija Hawaja have joined efforts to promote unity and peace ...


17. Jänner 2012

Yemeni Women: Building a Better Future

Interview with Yemeni Experts Dr. Bilqis Jubari and Dr. Mohammed Al-Maitami on Zeitim Bild 24 - ORF Austria

In December 2011, Women without Borders/SAVE invited two Yemeni experts to Vienna to discuss the future economic and social challenges faced by their country since the uprisings that began in January ...


01. Dezember 2011

New Hope for a New Beginning

Breaking Down Barriers between Indian and Pakistani Youth

On 22 November 2011, Women without Borders/SAVE-Sisters Against Violent Extremism facilitated a dialogue event between Indian and Pakistani youth in Mumbai to bridge the longstanding political divide ...


29. November 2011

Beyond Grief

New SAVE Video

Beyond Grief is a short documentary depicting the common journey of a group of women from India and Pakistan, who were all affected in one way or another by violent extremism. These brave women risked ...


24. Oktober 2011

Post-Revolution Egypt: Inclusive Democracy in the Making A Journalist’s View

Listen to Shahira Amin at the SAVE event in Vienna

In the middle of the Egyptian Revolution, Shahira Amin resigned as Deputy Head of Nile TV live on air in protest of the state television channel’s censorship of the uprising, as she did not want ...


11. September 2010

Journeys through Darkness Trailer

Eine SAVE Frauen ohne Grenzen Dokumentation

Die 3minütige Kurzversion unserer "Journeys through Darkness" Dokumentation, die drei Frauen aus drei verschiedenen Ländern porträtiert:  ein ehemaliges Mitglied einer islamistischen ...


10. September 2010

Journeys through Darkness

Eine Frauen ohne Grenzen SAVE Dokumentation

Das 13minütige Feature porträtiert drei Frauen: ein ehemaliges Mitglied einer islamistischen Organisation in England, eine Pionierin gegen gewalttätigen Extremismus in Nordirland und eine ...


31. Juli 2010

SAVE - Schools Against Violent Extremism

The Childrens´ Voices Against Terrorism

A five-minute feature presenting the voices of Students Against Violent Extremism at the Delhi Public School in New Delhi, India, produced by Archana Kapoor. An initiative of SAVE - Sisters Against ...


21. Juni 2010

Women Know How! SAVE Sisters and ihre Vision für SAVE

Ein Kurzfilm von Silja Strasser

Im Mai 2010 trafen Aktivistinnen, Professorinnen und Entscheidungsträgerinnen aus Pakistan, Indien, Jemen, Indonesien, Nordirland, Somalia, Israel, Palästina und Bosnien in Maria Wörth, Kärnten zusammen, ...


06. April 2010

Surviving Terror

Ein Frauen ohne Grenzen SAVE Film

Das 8minütige Feature ist den Opfern und Überlebenden der Terroranschläge von Bombay im November 2008 gewidmet. Archana Kapoor hat den Film produziert.


07. Jänner 2009

SAVE Videostatements

Kurze Filmclips von SAVE Teilnehmerinnen

Im Rahmen der SAVE - Sisters Against Violent Extremism - Konferenz im November/Dezember 08 in Wien wurden mit 14 der insgesamt 33 Teilnehmerinnen kurze Videostatements gedreht. Klicken Sie auf die ...