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12. November 2009

Jemen: Media Women Forum - Artikel und Berichte

Sana´a, 28. Oktober 2009: Edit Schlaffer und das SAVE Team präsentieren die SAVE Dokumentation "Journey through Darkness" im Media Women Forum. Das Medienecho darauf war umfangreich, bitte folgen Sie unten stehenden Links und Erläuterungen (in englisch und arabisch):

To read the press release on Yemen News' website, please click here. (Arabic)

To read the press release on Mareb Press' website, please click here. (Arabic)

Please see below for an English translation of the Media Women Forum press release:

A Show for 'Sisters Against Violent Extremism' Documentary at Media Women Forum

On October 28th, the Training and Advocacy Unit at Media Women Forum (MWF) launched the Women without Borders/SAVE (Sisters Against Violent Extremism) documentary in Amat alaleem Alsosowa Hall. The film focuses on three women from three different countries who have been exposed to crises as a consequence of terrorist acts and conflicts. The film highlights how these incidents/acts have affected these women's lives and changed their attitudes. SAVE intends to produce a similar film about women in Yemen. A number of representatives for local and international organizations along with interested group of media people attended the launch.

Fakhria Hujaira, executive director of MWF, delivered a welcoming speech in which she spoke about the status of Yemeni women and the important role that women could play in political and economical change, as well as the mechanism for activating this role collectively with individuals and organizations. Hujaira hoped that the documentary that SAVE intends to film about Yemeni women would meet the needs of Yemeni women and would have a positive tangible effect on social ground.

Then, Dr Edit Schlaffer, the founder and chairperson of Women without Borders, highlighted the goals of the organization and how the global coalition SAVE connects women from all over the world. SAVE aims to highlight women's stories who have been victims of wars and terrorist acts and how they have overcome these crises. Schlaffer called upon the Yemeni women activists and media to join the SAVE initiative and coalition.

Participants highlighted the negative impact of terrorism upon all development fields like education and economy as well as how it affects women directly. The attendees agreed that terrorism is not attached to any particular religion or ethnicity and they highlighted that Islam does not encourage any kinds of terrorism or extremism. Some participants showed their concerns about the devastating consequences of the Sada'a war in the North of Yemen that should draw the concern of the international community.


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